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Non-CMOM Consignor Info

Interested in consigning in our sale?  There are 3 ways to do so:
     1)  Active / current CMOM Members are welcome to consign with us.  CMOM Membership is open to families with twins, triplets, or more.  For more info or to join CMOMs, click here.
     2)  Members of Sister multiples clubs are invited to consign in our sale (example: Lake Norman Moms of Multiples)
     3) Friends of CMOM's can also consign with us.  These "Friends of CMOM Members" will be required to provide the CMOM member's name that referred them upon registration.

If you are a non-member that meets these criteria, read on to learn all you need to know about consigning with us.  If you do not meet these criteria, we still welcome you to shop our sale, but you are not currently able to consign with us.

Ready to Consign With Us?

Please make sure you meet one of the 3 criteria listed above AND thoroughly read through all the available information below. 

Then, if you are ready to register to consign with us, register or login on My Consignment Manager (see detailed instructions on how to do this in the Sale Handbook).

Considering Consigning With Us?  Check Out This Important Information!!

Please make sure you read through all of these points:

  • Consignor fee is $12.  This is non-refundable and is required to be paid before you are able to enter any items.
  • We are a children's consignment sale.  You are only able to sell children's clothing and items as well as maternity clothing.  For more details, see the Sale Handbook.  Please note, our upcoming Sale will be an ALL SEASONS Sale, so you can sell Fall/Winter as well as Spring/Summer clothing!!
  • Drop-off of items will be on Thursday afternoon/evening.  You are required to register for a drop-off time and drop off during that time. All clothing will go through a quality control check. For more information, please see the Sale Handbook.
  • Items rejected during quality control or throughout the sale will be held and made available to you at pick-up on Saturday afternoon.  If your rejected item(s) was tagged as "Donate", it will automatically be donated.  NOTE:  All unsold books will be donated regardless of how you tag them.  Tag books "Discount" for best chance of selling them.
  • Earn 65% of your sales if you do not volunteer to work a shift OR volunteer to work at least one 4-hour shift and keep 70% of your sales!! Volunteering has other benefits as well - see below!  For more info, see the Sale Handbook.
  • All consignors can shop the sale on Friday night from 8pm - 10pm.  Want to shop earlier?  Volunteer to work at least one 4-hour shift and you can shop at 7:30pm!  Volunteer and work two or more 4-hour shifts and shop at 7pm!!  See the Sale Handbook for more information.
  • Be sure to advertise our Sale! The more people that shop, the more items you'll sell, the more money you will make! Print copies of the Fall 2019 ALL SEASONS Sale Flier and leave it with neighbors, friends, pediatricians, preschools, and daycare centers.Share our Consignment Sale Facebook Event Page in all of your Facebook groups and with all of your friends.