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has been.

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Thanks to all that donated to or participated in our
14th Annual Silent Auction on April 6, 2019! 
We earned over $17,000 proceeds which funded our
CMOM's Scholarship Program! 

Supports Our Scholarship Program

The Silent Auction is the primary fundraiser for our CMOMs scholarship program - 100% of the proceeds from our auction are deposited to the scholarship fund! Each year, CMOMs awards need-based scholarships to members and their children to assist with special health, educational, recreational, or business needs. Examples of the types of needs that are met include, but are not limited to:
      • Medical equipment, therapies and related costs to improve quality of daily life
      • Occupational, speech or physical therapy to assist children who are developmentally delayed
      • Educational expense from preschool through college for members and/or their children
      • Start up or other business support for moms starting their own small businesses


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2020 Auction Sponsors

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What Is A Silent Auction?

Never been to a silent auction before? Not sure what it is all about? Well, it’s a lot of fun and also a great way to score great items and services below retail prices. If you have seen live auctions before, don’t worry - there is no auctioneer calling out for bids and speaking rapidfire and you don’t have to worry that if you itch your nose, you accidentally bid on something you didn’t mean to.

Our event will feature two different auction sections:

Bidding Tables:

We will have tables with displays of items/services upon which people can bid and our auction will feature online / mobile bidding. Each item have a specific item code and will list a minimum starting bid for that item, usually at about 30-35% of retail price. If you are interested in that item, you text the item code and your bid amount to a specific phone number. You then continue reviewing the other items, enjoying the food/entertainment, etc. You will receive a text back if you are outbid for your item and will have the option to increase your bid if you so desire or choose not to bid again on that item.  At the end of the evening, there will be an announcement of when bidding will end and the highest bidder for each item will “win” that item. The winners will pay for their item at the auction (cash or credit card) and will leave the event with their items.

Silent Auction clipboards

Raffle Ticket Tables:

We will also have a separate section of items that will be handled raffle ticket style. These items will be displayed on the Raffle ticket table and there will be a jar in front of each to collect raffle tickets for each item. You can buy raffle tickets and then decide how many tickets you want to put in each item’s jar. At the end of the evening, an announcement will be made when the Raffle tables will be closing and a winning ticket will be drawn from each jar. Whoever’s ticket is pulled wins that item and takes it home with them.

Silent Auction Raffle Ticket